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Truncate without padding

    Hi all :)

    I would like to print a string truncated *but* without padding,
so I cannot use the "l" and "r" parameter expansion flags. Of course,
I could use the "%" parameter expansion flag and use %>STRING>, but I
don't want the string to be prompt-expanded.

    I know I can use "printf" or "zformat" for that, but I was
wondering if this can be done using "print" and some form of
expansion. I need to use "print" because sometimes I have to do
translation of echo escape sequences and sometimes not, and I've
implemented that using optionally the "-r" option to "print". I can
switch to printf and do any translation before, but I would like to
use the current code and not switch to printf or zformat.

    Thanks a lot in advance :)

    Raúl Núñez de Arenas Coronado

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