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Re: SOLVED! ( "here" document broken? (New findings))

    Hi Ronald :)

 * Com MN PG P E B Consultant 3 <mn-pg-p-e-b-consultant-3.com@xxxxxxxxxxx> dixit:
> There is exactly one setting in my invironment which is different from
> an interactive
> zsh to that of my bash and tcsh environments, and this is the line
>   export TMPPREFIX=/tmp/zsh_temporaries/file

    Uff, that was difficult to guess...
> My mistake was to assume that the directory mentioned in TMPPREFIX
> would be created by zsh automatically, but this is not the case
> (and the manual does not claim it either anyway, so this is clearly
> my fault). I have changed the line to
>   export TMPPREFIX=/tmp/zsh_temporary_file
> and now everything runs well.

    Cool! BTW, I always thought that TMPPREFIX should "point" to an
already existing place plus a prefix, I never assumed zsh would
create any intermediate directory, but from certain point of view I
find reasonable to think that the directory would be created. But it
is not, so...

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