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what zshcompsys-syntax is equals compctl -C -f ?

Hi there,

just recently I had to upgrade from zsh 4.0.6 to zsh 4.2.1 and now I'm
unable to reproduce the filename-completion behaviour I'm used to.

My old .zshrc had the lines

#### options for zsh-behaviour
setopt always_to_end
setopt auto_list
unsetopt automenu
setopt auto_param_slash
setopt bsd_echo
setopt csh_null_glob
setopt extended_glob
unsetopt menu_complete
unsetopt rec_exact
setopt no_nomatch
setopt rmstarsilent
setopt sh_file_expansion
setopt nocorrect
setopt nocorrect_all
unsetopt auto_remove_slash
# expand only to filenames
compctl -C -f

and I used "compctl -C -f" to avoid path-lookup in completion.
For example assume my $PWD has a subdirectory "bin/" and I want to call
"Script" located in this dir.

As long as compctl -C -f worked I could enter "bi<tab>" and zsh would
expand to bin/, the only file or directory starting with "bi" present in

But now that compctl is deprecated I'm unable to configure the new-style
behaviour of zshcompsys to reproduce the desired result.
Default-behaviour is to include all executables in $PATH beginning with
"bi", sadly yielding

kroemer@pcma44:~ > bi<tab>
bibtex       bindkey      bioradtopgm  bitmap
bin/         binhex       bison

which is of no use to me :-(
Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance....

           "...but plagiarize, plagiarize, plagiarize,
         only be sure to always call it please -- research"
                     (Tom Lehrer: Lobachevsky)

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