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Re: Listing keybindings

Sebastian Stein <seb_stein@xxxxxx> [051104 12:28]:
> how can I find out the current key bindings? Is there something similar like
> the "alias" command returning me all aliases?

Ok, stupid question, of course I can just type "bindkey".

I read in one tutorial, that I can insert a command like "xfig" and press
ESC+? to call the alias which-command. In the turorial it is said to be the
default behaviour. However, I can't find this keybinding.

The tutorial:

The paragraph I'm talking about:

"It's worth mentioning the "which-command" function which is useful here.
After completion, or after typing a command in, run the function, which by
default is bound to Esc-? press and release Escape, then press "?")."

Any ideas about it, or is the tutorial just outdated?


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