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Re: Start an external editor to edit the current zle buffer

Vincent Lefevre wrote:
> Shouldn't it become part of zle?

I don't think so.  The functions are supplied to be extensible and
flexible.  It's hardly harder to use a function widget than a builtin
one and it's much easier to change it.  For something like this, which
runs external commands and handles the output, it's also much easier to
write the function in the shell command language than in C.

One of the reasons for the new manual roadmap is to indicate things like
the presence of add-on zle functions documented in zshcontrib which users
might otherwise not notice, although it doesn't specifically mention

> > > Also why does fc use $FCEDIT and not ${VISUAL:-${EDITOR:-vi}} like
> > > edit-command-line (or the opposite)?
> > 
> > FCEDIT is specific to the fc command.  edit-command-line assumes you
> > want to use your normal editor.  You can easily change it.
> Why doesn't fc assume I want to use my normal editor?

Historical reasons, presumably, since this came from ksh.  It's not much

> Is there any reason to have $FCEDIT different from $VISUAL or $EDITOR?

Not that I'm aware of.  Set it to what you like.

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