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Re: Mysterious completion of variables

Ian Langworth wrote:
> I have a few variables for hosts that I shell into frequently:
>   aspen='me@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
>   alias aspen="ssh $aspen"
> Thus, I'm usually able to do the following:
>   scp $aspen:temp .
> This usually works, but there are occasions where I get strange
> completion after I hit <Enter>:
>   cp: cannot stat `me@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx': No such file or directory
> Sounds like it's interpolating ':t', but I'm not sure why. Ideas?

Yes, but it's not actually completion... the syntax $aspen:t takes the
tail end of a path.  It's borrowed from history substitution.  Since
there isn't a slash in the variable it has no effect except that the :t
is swallowed up and the emp treated as normal text (because another
modifier would need another colon in front).

You need to use ${aspen}:temp or $aspen\:t to protect the :.

This feature isn't compatible with other shells.  It's turned off when
you set the KSH_ARRAYS option, but that has numerous other effects
so I wouldn't recommend that unless you really know what you're doing.

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