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Re: completions broken for root user

for the archives: i finally figured it out - I had an old zcompdump file that wasn't being auto-regenerated for some reason. After deleting that, and logging in, completions work fine again.


Scott Lipcon wrote:
Thanks. I tried removing and recompiling the .zwc files anyway, although root and my user have different .zsh directories, and each can read its own files with no problem. There are no .zwc files in the /usr/local/share/zsh directories so that shouldn't be a problem...

For the other poster, I get the same behavior whether I su or log in as root - the default shell for root on FreeBSD is csh, so whenever I become root I just run zsh manually... could that have something to do with it? Running zsh manually as my user the completions work fine.


On 10/1/05, *Bart Schaefer* <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    On Sep 30, 11:58am, Scott Lipcon wrote:
    } What else should I be looking for?

    The only thing I can think of is to look for .zwc files that are
    readable only by root and which need to be recompiled.

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