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Re: zsh 4.3.0-dev-2

Dear Peter:

Compiles fine on OS X v. 10.4.3, Xcode 2.2 (with gcc 4.0.1).

How do I test to see if myltibyte is indeed working?

All the best,


On Fri, 9 Dec 2005, Peter Stephenson wrote:

> I've put a test release of zsh 4.3 in the pub/development directory of
> ftp.zsh.org.  It's unlikely to differ much from 4.3.1 when that appears.
> The main new feature compared with 4.2 is multibyte support.  This is
> only enabled by default on some machines (most recent PC Unix-like
> targets in particular).  Reports on other machines where it works (or
> compiles but doesn't work) when you explicitly supply --enable-multibyte
> to configure would be useful.
> The documentation package for 4.3 contains a PDF file instead of a
> PostScript file.  This should be easier to browse.
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