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cd && cdable_vars (bug?)

Hello everybody!

Here am I again, nitpicking on zsh...


Two questions/comments about cd and cdable_vars:

1. I have cdable_vars set and I do have some data directories with
   "integer" names: 2, 3, 5.

   When trying to complete on these dirs, I get not only the dirs I'm
   supposed to get (those inside directory "5/.") but I also get all
   subdirs of the fifth entry in my dirstack as "directory after

   Which AFAIK should not happen, since there is a directory "5", so
   there should be no cdablevar lookup, right?

2. The first problem lead me to try completing on cdablevars from the
   dirstack. This is *not* something I would like to do, but I tried
   motivated by the noise when completing.

   And it failed! But it shouldn't, right?

   CDABLE_VARS (-T): ...try to expand the expression as if it were
   preceded by a `~'...

   With a filled dirstack, using

   % cd ~5 	 # takes me to the corresponding entry in the dirstack,
   % expand ~5 	 # expands to some dir...
   % cd 5   	 # fails with cdablevars set.


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