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Re: su to root leaves me with the users history in zsh

* On 10.04.2006 Angelina Carlton wrote:

> If I type, as a user, su and login with the root password, then with either
> up arrow or ctrl-r the command history is 3976 items (max set to 5000)
> but they are the *users* commands, not roots. There are some of roots
> commands interspersed but those only seem to be from the last root session.
> su - gives me the correct 4819 commands that root has issued since the
> machine was installed.

,-----[man su]
|        su is used to become another user during a login session. Invoked without
|        a username, su defaults to becoming the super user. The optional argument
|        - may be used to provide an environment similar to what the user would
|        expect had the user logged in directly.

> I thought something was wrong with my system when I first noticed this
> but it also occurs on my Debian sarge server. I am not having much luck
> with google so I am wondering if this is normal behaviour for zsh and
> if so, how can I "fix" it?

 It's the normal behaviour of 'su'. You don't need to *fix* it.

 So long,

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