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[patch] _aptitude


I started using aptitude recently and noticed that the completion for
some commands were not behaving as expected, so I made some trivial
changes to the _aptitude file.

Note that (un)markauto are meant to be used on *installed* packages,
and so I moved them into the appropriated group. Ideally they should
complete on "unmarked/marked" packages, the list of marked packages is
available through

aptitude -F"%p"  search \~M

but (i) that's a bit slow and (ii) I couldn't figure a way to include
this in the completion function (in the 5min I spent trying that is...)

I reckon that some options I just turned ON allow things like
packagename=version and that is not being done, yet "aptitude install"
also allows for things like "~nzsh" and that's not implemented either;
so I concluded that it was OK to do it so.

Francisco Borges
--- /home/borges/sys/zsh/zsh-4.3.2/Completion/Debian/Command/_aptitude	2005-08-10 15:00:41.000000000 +0200
+++ _aptitude	2006-04-20 12:06:55.000000000 +0200
@@ -35,13 +35,13 @@
         _message -e patterns pattern
-      download)
+      download|show|changelog)
         _deb_packages avail && ret=0
-      remove|purge|hold)
+      remove|purge|hold|reinstall|forbid-version|markauto|unmarkauto)
         _deb_packages installed && ret=0
-      install|markauto|unmarkauto)
+      install)
         _deb_packages uninstalled && ret=0

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