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Re: substring extraction

"Stephane Chazelas" <Stephane_Chazelas@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> In zsh:
> $var[2,3]
> zsh can do it because arrays and scalar variables are two
> different types. In zsh, $var[2,5] gives the 2nd to 5th element
> when $var is of array type, and 2nd to 5th char when $var is
> scalar. In ksh/bash all variables are arrays and $var is a
> shortcut for ${var[0]} (though it's not completely true of
> bash).

Just to point out you can combine the two in the same expression in zsh.
As soon as you've extracted a single element, later suffixes work on
characters.  (One day this may be multibyte characters but that's not done

% array=(one two three four)
% print ${array[3][2,-2]}

Since the rule is applied after every subscript match, you can do bizarre
stuff like:

% print ${array[1,3][-1][2,-2][2]}

which works in the following steps:

array  one two three four -> [1,3]
array  one two three -> [-1]
scalar three -> [2,-2]
scalar hre -> [2]
scalar r

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