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configure: error: ERROR MACROS NOT FOUND: please report to developers [PATCH]


Since I'm subscribed to the users mailing list, I'm posting this here.

I've fixed the following configure error on zeta, see:


with the following patch agains 4.2.5.  The RE *may* need or warrant
some further tweakig, but it happens that on Zeta (BeOS) as well as
Haiku, error codes are defined like the following:

#define ESIGPARM                (B_POSIX_ERROR_BASE + 15)

And at least on Haiku, the following can also be seen:

#define ENOMEM             B_NO_MEMORY

Have fun, and I hope you'll incorporate it,

Johann -- working on further tweaks to port zsh

johann myrkraverk com (you know the drill with the @ and .)
I classify Outlook mail as spam, use something else.

Common subdirectories: zsh-4.2.5/Completion and zsh-4.2.5-zeta1/Completion
Common subdirectories: zsh-4.2.5/Config and zsh-4.2.5-zeta1/Config
Common subdirectories: zsh-4.2.5/Doc and zsh-4.2.5-zeta1/Doc
Common subdirectories: zsh-4.2.5/Etc and zsh-4.2.5-zeta1/Etc
Common subdirectories: zsh-4.2.5/Functions and zsh-4.2.5-zeta1/Functions
Common subdirectories: zsh-4.2.5/Misc and zsh-4.2.5-zeta1/Misc
Common subdirectories: zsh-4.2.5/Src and zsh-4.2.5-zeta1/Src
Common subdirectories: zsh-4.2.5/StartupFiles and zsh-4.2.5-zeta1/StartupFiles
Common subdirectories: zsh-4.2.5/Test and zsh-4.2.5-zeta1/Test
Common subdirectories: zsh-4.2.5/Util and zsh-4.2.5-zeta1/Util
Common subdirectories: zsh-4.2.5/autom4te.cache and zsh-4.2.5-zeta1/autom4te.cache
diff -uN --exclude-from=zsh-diff-exclude zsh-4.2.5/configure.ac zsh-4.2.5-zeta1/configure.ac
--- zsh-4.2.5/configure.ac	Mon Apr  4 02:48:58 2005
+++ zsh-4.2.5-zeta1/configure.ac	Sat May 27 22:30:41 2006
@@ -1289,7 +1289,7 @@
   dnl Try to make sure it doesn't get confused by files that don't
   dnl have real error definitions in.  Count definitions to make sure.
   nerrs=`test -f $ERRNO_H && \
-  grep '#[ 	]*define[ 	][ 	]*E[0-9A-Z]*[ 	]*[0-9][0-9]*' $ERRNO_H | \
+  grep '#[ 	]*define[ 	][ 	]*E[0-9A-Z]*[ 	]*(*[_A-Z0-9][_A-Z0-9]*' $ERRNO_H | \
   wc -l | sed 's/[ 	]//g'`
   test "x$nerrs" != x && test "$nerrs" -ge 7 && break

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