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Re: ALT/meta problems

Meino Christian Cramer <Meino.Cramer@xxxxxx> wrote:
>  Or I start mrxvt as 'mrxvt -m8' instructing mrxvt to generate single
>  byte keyvalue for the meta-keys as exspected by vim. Then keymappings
>  in vim of the kind described above do work...but I will loose (for
>  example) the very handy feature of zsh: pressing ALT-. to get the last
>  argument of the previous command. Zsh exspects <ESC>-<keys> sequences
>  for the Meta-keys.

"bindkey -m" binds the default keys in the other way.  Note it doesn't have
a future effect, i.e. anything you define yourself must be defined with
bindkey "\M-..." if you want that effect.  Unlike Emacs they're not tied
together, so you need to do bindkey "\e..." as well if you want the
escape version to work.  (Hence you don't *need* "bindkey -m" to use
the Meta key if you only want to bind specific sequences of your own.)

With 4.3.2 use "bindkey -m 2>/dev/null"; bindkey -m gives a warning when
multibyte mode is enabled since it will mess up multibyte input.  However,
if you don't care you can suppress the warning.

There's a supposedly de-obfuscatory sidebar called "THE META KEY" in "From
Bash to Z Shell" on page 78.

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