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Re: error in 19.3.1

# pws@xxxxxxx / 2006-09-20 10:26:43 +0100:
> Roman Neuhauser wrote:
> > This is near the end of 19.3.1:
> (The section numbers aren't particularly easy to trace back to the
> documentation source, so names are probably more convenient.)
    Aha, sorry.

> > zstyle -e ':completion:*' completer '
> >     if [[ $words[1] = cvs ]]; then
> >       reply=(_complete)
> >     else
> >       reply=(_complete _approximate)
> >     fi'
> > 
> > uses the value `_complete' for the completer style in most contexts, but
> > the value `_complete _approximate' when the first word on the command
> > line is `cvs'.
> You mean the code should be the other way round?
    Only if the behavior described in the text actually makes sense,
    that is, is this setting useful? Not if the _approximate completer
    bypasses the smarts that make _cvs offer only unversioned files to
    cvs add, only versioned (or scheduled for addition) files to cvs ci,
    I don't actually know what will _cvs do with this completer
    (svn everywhere I look), I'm just saying this should be considered.

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