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Re: pattern matching question

Frank Terbeck wrote:
> list=("... one giraffe ..." "... two cows ..." "... one monkey ..." "... thre
> e lemmings ...")
> slist=(${(M)list:#*one [a-z]*})

To get the exact effect arno wants, you need an additional substitution
to remove the extra stuff, which brings it back to his original
proposal.  I'd probably just do the simple

slist=(${${${(M)list:#*one [a-z]*}##*one }%% *})

which now has two extra pattern matches.

I can't offhand think of a way of both matching the one and extracting
the following word in one go.  In practice it's unlikely to make a
noticeable difference unless you're really doing this a great deal---and
if speed's that important it's probably time to switch to a more
optimized scripting language.

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