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Fwd: jobs -d &>/dev/null still produces output?

Crap, I sent this to Michael instead of the group accidentally...
Sorry Michael!

'1>' or just '>' redirects STDOUT, '2>' redirects STDERR, and '&>'
redirects both.  My test case should redirect both.  Try getting rid of the
'2' in your example and it will still give the behavior that you
described.  jobs is doing something special, and the source code just
confused me more.  :)


On 11/3/06, Michael Hernandez <sequethin@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On Nov 3, 2006, at 1:48 PM, Matt Wozniski wrote:

> I'm a bit confused by something zsh is doing.
> Test case:
> sleep 1000 &
> jobs -d &>/dev/null
> Why does this still produce output?  Is there any way to redirect the
> line that's still appearing on screen?  And what on earth is the
> 'shout' file descriptor tied to?   :)
> Thanks!
> ~Matt

Could be that jobs is using STERR not just STDOUT

Try redirecting STDERR, for example

lskdjf 2&>/dev/null

Produces no output (it should say "command not found" or something


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