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psvar + color

I am trying to dynamically set the color of my battery percentage in my prompt. It's a long story, but I am using zsh 4.2.5 on OS X, along with a slightly modified version of a zsh script called "battery" which I found on line. I set the PROMPT_SUBST option, but that doesn't seem to be helping (most likely I am just doing something wrong).

I am using a version of the clint prompt and have been hacking away at a copy of the file called prompt_clint_setup which is included with the zsh distribution.

From what I see, there are precmd functions that set psvar[2] to the current status, and psvar[2] is accessed as %2v

What I'd like to have is %2v (which could be *AC* (94.7%) for example) change between green, yellow, or red depending on the percentage. In this case it would be green, etc.

The problem is that no matter what I do, I can't get the color to change by using %3v, for example, neither:

p_apm="${fg_no_bold[%3v]}%(2v.*%2v.) "


p_apm="%{$fg_no_bold[%3v]}%}%(2v.*%2v.) "

work properly.

In the spirit of trying every possible thing I could think of I even tried p_apm="${fg_no_bold[$(print -P %3v)]}%(2v.*%2v.) "

If I simply use p_apm="${fg_no_bold[red]}%(2v.*%2v.) " - then the percentage comes out in red, so I think my trouble is in the way psvar is substituted through the %3v. I didn't think it would be a problem because %2v changes frequently (if my battery is charging or is unplugged at least) and I see the changes with each new prompt when I press return. I was hoping that I could set the color in a similar way. I have been checking psvar by echo $psvar[3] and also print -P %3v after each prompt and it is being set to the correct color. The more I look at it, the more the issue seems to be in the color escape being substituted properly, not in the setting of $psvar[3]

What is it that I'm doing wrong? I'd post the whole file but I don't want other mistakes of mine to distract attention from this one I am currently trying to iron out. It's my hope to share the config in it's entirety when it's complete, so that other os x users might enjoy a conveniently colored battery state+ percentage in their prompts if they wish :)

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Mike H

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