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Re: zsh handling of non-standard if-evaluations


> } Hmm, my login shell is zsh and I've set in my ~/.zshenv:
> } 
> } . /etc/profile
> } 
> } which in turns goes thru /etc/profile.d/*.sh and one of those
> scripts
> } is from the proprietary application. So perhaps I should do "setopt
> } no_equals" before the above mentioned line?
> Generally speaking ~/.zshenv is too early in the startup script order
> to be reading /etc/profile from there.  If you need to read
> /etc/profile you should do it from ~/.zprofile.

Good point. I definitely need to do it, I have an account on several
machines where admins and applications add scripts under /etc/profile.d
to set up various things like paths and variables.

> your original state, you need something like this:
>     zmodload -i zsh/parameter && {
>       __zsh=( ${(kv)options} )
>       emulate sh
>       . /etc/profile
>       emulate zsh
>       options=( $__zsh )
>       unset __zsh
>     }
> This has the side-effect of vacating any option settings from any
> scripts
> in /etc/profile.d that happen to know about zsh, but I think of that
> as a good thing.

I need to test this a bit. I'll get back to this when I've done some


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