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Re: unexpected wildcard issue

On Mar 8, 12:12am, Atom Smasher wrote:
} ok... so, should the shell insert an implied "--" before expanding 
} wildcards or globs? is there an option for that? should there be?

There was a long, not-quite-heated discussion of this on the POSIX
standards list ("austin-group") late last year.

The end result of the discussion was that David Korn (as in ksh)
suggested that this should be a line editor operation; that is, you
type some key sequence, and the line editor finds the place between
the rightmost word that starts with a hyphen and the leftmost word
that does not, and inserts "--" there.  I believe PWS even wrote a
function for this and sent it to zsh-users.

No, I'm wrong; I'm thinking of zsh-users/10793, which is for a similar
but not quite identical problem.  However, it should be easy to adapt
that function to do this.

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