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Parameter Expansion til Explosion


 ...it is really killing me.

 I read through zshall ("Parameter Expansion" "* Expansion") but
 everything I tried failed.

 I want to rename mp3 files from a non speaking name like 001.mp3
 to one describing the contents of the mp3.
 The problem are the spaces in the final filename. My script uses
 mp3info to produce two parameters for "mv":

 mv `<call to mp3info> <filename>`

 replacing mv with echo produces (for example):

 "001.mp3" "The eternal clock - Timeless part 1,mp3"
 Adding "mv" lead to an error:

   Directory 1.mp3 does not exist.

 due to the spaces in the target filename.

 I tried to surround both with extra instances of

 but nothing helps.

 Is there any "final recipe" to cope with these [CENSORED]
 windows-like filenames containing any character ?

 Thank you very much for any help in advance!

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