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verbose copy

i've seen this tossed around on a few command line oriented mailing lists, 
but i've never never seen a ~good~ solution for a verbose copy... 
something that will show the status of files *while* being copied.

i wanted to see the progress of a >700MB file being copied to a flash 
drive, and figured it out.

here it... this is a single line alias in my .zshrc file:

alias cpv="rsync -poghb --backup-dir=/tmp/rsync -e /dev/null --progress --"

of course it requires rsync to be installed.

this works in zsh, and should work in all derivatives of the bourne 
shells. some shells (csh and derivatives) may need the syntax changed to 
assign an alias.

i now have a "cpv" command that acts as a verbose copy, and it properly 
handles globs.

the options that i used, tweak as needed...
  -p - preserve permissions
  -o - preserve owner
  -g - preserve group
  -h - output in human-readable format
  --progress - display progress
  -b - instead of just overwriting an existing file, save the original
  --backup-dir=/tmp/rsync - move backup copies to "/tmp/rsync"
  -e /dev/null - only work on local files
  -- - everything after this is an argument, even if it looks like an option


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