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Re: Encrytoted .zsh.history ?

On 3/19/07, mcc wrote:

 is there a way to have an encrypted history file which,
 when given a password once is read by all zshells of
 the user until logout ?

I'm not sure why you'd ever want to do that, but if you're running
linux you can check out http://arg0.net/users/vgough/encfs - the EncFS
Encrypted Filesystem for FUSE.  It would let you store an encrypted
copy of a folder on disk, and mount an unencrypted copy once when you
log in.  Then, you just have to remember to umount it when you log
out.  It does depend on FUSE, though, so you may not be able to
install it without root access.  If the permissions on the history
file are set to go-rwx, then only you and root could read it, anyway,
so I suppose that this is either a purely academic question or that
you're doing something that would annoy your sysadmin.  :)


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