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completion help

I apologize in advance if this question has been asked before and
answered, but I spent the last couple of days searching the web and
reading docs, and I came up empty handed.

I love the zsh completion system, but I'm having a little trouble
trying to figure out how to setup a specific completion.  I work in an
environment where hosts have DNS entries in multiple domains.  There
is one domain for normal host access, another domain for some form of
inband access (think DRAC on dells or SP/SC on sun hosts), and a third
for out of band access (serial console).  I would like to be able to
complete the domain name for various commands (ssh, ping, traceroute,
...).  I would envision something like:

% ssh host<TAB>
host host.regular host.inband host.outofband

I realize that I could enumerate all of the possible hosts with the
hosts style, but this seems like overkill.  Is there some way that I
could do something like:

zstyle context domains domain1 domain2 domain3 ...

and get the effect that I'm looking for?


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author