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Re Google Summer of Code....

On 4/15/07, Peter Stephenson <p.w.stephenson@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Yes, I don't use vi mode so don't notice this sort of thing.  We could
do with someone writing interactive tests for zle commands.  We could
also do with someone to look after vi mode.  We could do with people
doing a lot of things.

It's looks like it is too late for 2007, but maybe we could get a 2008
SOC intern to help with zsh. I mentioned this about a year ago.  I
know in past years, they've had an intern work on Bash.

Also,  Zsh has had a strong history of student participation.  It was originally
written by Paul Falstad while as student at Princeton.  I believe
Sven worked on the bulk of the new completion system while being a student.
I'm sure there have been other serious student contributors who have
helped, whose
contribution was significant, though I can't name them.


One of the things we would need to do is create a list of project
ideas (if one doesn't already exist). Which might be useful in general
for folks who would be interesting in helping out.   It seems like
there might be interest in helping from folks


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