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Re: pushing a string in the cut&paste stack

Hi Giulio,

> to put the output of a program in the shell killring, something like
> myprogram | copythis

This example sounds more interesting.  Actually, this reminds me of a
zsh-feature that I am missing sometimes: execute the command at the prompt
and replace it with its result.  Something like this:

 condor:~>zcalc 170000. /7
  [some magic key..]
  [ctrl-A zcalc ...]
 condor:~>zcalc 24285.714285714286 % 7
  [some magic key..]
  [and so on...]

Any ideas?
That would make your copy_this superflous, too.  (c;

> P.S.: In any case, what about
> copythis "bla $TERM bla"
Good point, but: move the cursor behind $TERM and press Alt-G :-)


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