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Re: script within find

The cp -r is exactly what I want to avoid with convert, since each
TIFF is a slide scan about 120 MB in size.

BTW, how'd I copy just the directory structure from /tifs/ to /jpgs/
-- directories only -- in the shortest and prettiest way?  :)

(All the questions you always wanted to find out and where afraid to ask!:)


On 4/25/07, Chris Johnson <cjohnson@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Chris Johnson sent me the following 1.0K:

> Alexy Khrabrov sent me the following 2.2K:
> > The command to do a single conversion is
> >
> > convert -quality 100 dir1/A.tif /jpgs/dir1/A.jpg
> I think it'd be simpler to do something like:
>    $ cp -r dir1 /jpgs
>    $ mogrify -format jpg /jpgs/**/*.tif

Sorry.  The conversion isn't done in place.  You'll end up with *.tifs
and *.jpgs in the same directory under /jpgs.  You'll want to issue

   $ rm /jpgs/**/*.tif

to get rid of the copies of the originals, or operate in the original
hierarchy and do a selective copy.

Chris Johnson

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