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Proposal to use patterns in fake-files style

Is anybody out there going to be disadvantaged if I turn the directory
part of the fake-files completion style into a pattern?  This shouldn't
make any difference unless the directory currently has a pattern
character in it, which I think is highly unlikely for typical uses.

The reason I want this is that our Netapp file server has a magic
".snapshot" directory within every directory that doesn't appear in the
listing (except, for some reason, in the home directory).  So I want an
easy way to add that as fake entry on some file systems and not on
others.  This change would allow me to do

zstyle ':completion:*' fake-files '/home/*:.snapshot'

or if I'm feeling bold

zstyle -e ':completion:*' fake-files 'reply=("$(mount |
perl -ne '\''/^[^:]*netapp[^:]*:.* on (.*) type nfs/ and
  push @dirs, "$1";
  END { @dirs and print "(" . join("|", @dirs), ")/*:.snapshot\n" }'\'')")'

Let me know if you don't like this and I'll add a separate style like
fake-file-patterns instead.

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