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Re: How to add completion: variant of "make" command

Kai Grossjohann wrote:
> So how do I make a variant of "make" completion that does what the
> shell script does before it invokes regular "make" completion?

You need to write your own make replacement and tell the shell to use
that.  Say it's called _make_with_xmake, then

  autoload -U _make_with_xmake
  compdef _make_with_xmake make

will do the trick.  If it's in the function path before _make and
contains the #compdef line below you shouldn't need to bother.

_make_with_xmake will probably look something like:

#compdef make

if <...test whether we want to do the xmake stuff...>; then
  <...do the xmake stuff...>

_make "$@"

As long as it ends up with a call to the normal _make you can add
any preprocessing you like.  If you don't want to complete anything
special, you're pretty well insulated from the details of the
completion system.

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