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Re: disable zsh/newuser

Matthew Rench wrote:
> On Fri, May 18, 2007 at 10:20:32AM +0100, Peter Stephenson wrote:
> > Matthew Rench wrote:
> > > I am trying to find a way to disable the automatic execution of the
> > > zsh/newuser module at startup for users without .z files.
> > This feature can be turned off simply by removing this script.
> I guess I had assumed that there would be some way to disable from
> executing automatically without getting rid of it altogether, based
> on this text from the man page:
>   If no personal intialization files exist for the current user, a
>   function is run to help you change some of the most common
>   settings. It won't appear if your administrator has disabled the
>   zsh/newuser module. The function is designed to be self-explanatory.
>   You can run it by hand with...
> which seems to indicate that it can still be run manually after it's
> disabled.

It sounds like I've misunderstood your problem; I thought the problem
*was* getting rid of it completely, but you want to leave it, just not
run it by default.  Actually, deleting the script will allow just that:
if you look in the script you'll find it simply invokes a function that
you can run from the command line.  Alternatively, you can simply rename
the script and let people source it under some other name.  It's there
exactly to allow customization without affecting the business end of the
process in the function zsh-newuser-install.

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