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Re: tab completion list does not complete dot files

"t takahashi" wrote:
> when i use tab completion on a directory with dot files, the dot files
> are ignored in the completion list.  "/tmp/\t" will not list
> /tmp/.foo.
> in the man pages i have not found a way to make zsh list the dot files
> in the completion list when i press tab.

I assume you are using the "new" completion system (it's not so new now).

You can make the *entire* completion system do this by putting
the following code in your initialisation file after you run "compinit":


If your version of the shell is before 4.2, you might need to expand that:

_comp_options=($_comp_options globdots)

This will make the completion system complete files beginning with dot
in every single place it possibly could.  I don't think there's an easy
way of restricting the effect.  However, as you wanted, it won't affect
the use of globbing ("*" etc.) on the command line.

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