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Re: Calling a zle widget from a function

Angel Olivera wrote:
> Now, for every prompt that is printed I get a new sched job queued.
> This might get as big as 3600 or more. Do you think that is going to
> be a serious performance penalty on my daily zsh routine?

That's because you're running the "sched" unconditionally to schedule
a new task, even if the function is called from precmd.  It would
definitely be better to avoid that.  You can delete any existing
scheduled job with something like:

sched | while read line; do
  if [[ $line = *clear-zle-screen* ]]; then
    sched -${line%% *}

(It would be nice if sched provided an array to access scheduled events
but it doesn't.  That's an easy tweak I may look at.)

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