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Re: Complex forms deprecated?

Matt Wozniski wrote:
standard syntax that will work in bash, ksh, zsh, sh, dash, ash,

i also often use nested variable expansions, extendedglobs, and other zsh only features: as zsh is far better than other shells, i don't carre about compatibility!

So i use alternative zsh syntax and Darwin will do the rest ;)

Introducing a third, completely unrelated syntax just makes the job of
the shell user harder when they have to use a different shell and
can't remember how loops work in plain ol' sh.

yet another syntax ... but lot of us have braces habbits (from C, java, javascript, perl, ...)

the alternate syntax would make for shell scripts that look a
horrifying amount like csh scripts.. *shudder*

sure ... but stone age syntax remind me pascal ;)

Not to mention that, to me at least, the rules about what can be used
as the delimiter where are kinda fuzzy.
For instance, both
if {true} {echo good} else {echo bad}
if (true) {echo good} else {echo bad}
work, but
if (true) (echo good) else (echo bad)

is there a good reason to depreciate?

than set you back as a shell programmer by making you learn an awkward
syntax that isn't at all portable.

have you tried the alternative syntax? it feels more natural to me to write code with this one so i think that never had to learn it.

I understand your point of view and you're free to use stone age syntax but i just think that the modern syntax would *not* be deprecated.


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