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incr. search: skip duplicates on the same history event

Hey list,

Someone on IRC came up with the following question:

Say, you got a few history events that got the string 'make' in them:

  % make depend
  % make clean ; make all ; sudo make install

After a few more commands, you do a
'history-incremental-search-backward' for 'make' and get back the last
event with the three make calls on one line. Now you can reinvoke
'history-incremental-search-backward' again to jump back to earlier
occurrences of 'make' in the history:

  % make clean ; make all ; sudo make install
    ^            ^               ^
    |            |               |
    |            |               \-- ^Rmake
    |            |
    |            \-- 1st time you hit ^R after making
    |                your initial search.
    \-- after hitting ^R for the 2nd time you end up here.

Now, the idea is to after searching backwards for the first time
(^Rmake), hitting ^R again, to go further backwards should ignore any
other occurrences of 'make' in the current history event and jump
directly to the next history event containing 'make' ('make depend')
in the example above.

I have been playing around to get this working and had a few rather
complex solutions, that all failed somehow. :-)

So, I took another approach and the closest I got (which works) is the
following. It exists the incremental search and re-enters it if you
continue typing. That is not an exceptionally nice solution and it
would require additional tweaking to become usable.

self-insert () {
  if [[ $LASTWIDGET == incsearch ]] ; then
    zle history-incremental-search-backward $LASTSEARCH
  zle .self-insert
zle -N self-insert
incsearch () {
  if [[ $LASTWIDGET == incsearch ]] ; then
    zle history-search-backward
    zle history-incremental-search-backward
zle -N incsearch
bindkey '^r' incsearch

However, I hope that someone has got a better idea to solve this.

Regards, Frank

In protocol design, perfection has been reached not when there is
nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.
                                                  -- RFC 1925

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