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Re: Complex forms deprecated?

Marc Chantreux wrote:
> I think that modern syntax is a simple feature that makes zsh faster to 
>  use than any other shell. coming from bash, i was very impressed to write
> for f ( *.jpg ) mv $f $f:r.jpeg
> instead of
> for f in *.jpg; do mv $f $f:r.jpeg; done

I prefer
for f in *.jpg ; mv $f $f:r.jpeg

> I'm currious about how many of us are using the deprecated syntax. So 
> curious that i wrote a poll page to know about it

For me, there is a simple reason to prefer
   if cmd ; then foo ; else bar ; fi
   if ( cmd ) { foo } else { bar }

On German keyboard layout, "{" and "}" are notoriously bad to
type (using Alt-gr (=right alt) and 7/0 from the upper keyboard
row) [which is one of the reasons why I mapped "if" to become
   if (_) {
(cursor on "_") in vim for perl hacking...].
Using ";" and "normal" words is not so strange to type...


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