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Re: conditionally match part of file name to most recently modified file

On Sun, 17 Jun 2007 23:16:44 +0200
Eric Smith <es@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I want to be able to type
> "vim foo"
> in order to edit the last file whose name contains the string
> "foo".
> I guess this might be achieved with compdef and compadd 
> with the *(om[1]).  

You could do it as a completion function, although the simple case
you've asked for can be done easily with an ordinary shell function:

vim() {
  # assume the file is the last argument
  if [[ ! -f $argv[-1] ]]; then
  command vim "$@"

You can complete the most recent matching file using a generic completer:

  zstyle ':completion:most-recent-file:*' match-original both
  zstyle ':completion:most-recent-file::::' completer _menu _files _match
  zstyle ':completion:most-recent-file:*' file-sort modification
  zstyle ':completion:most-recent-file:*' file-patterns '*:all\ files'
  zstyle ':completion:most-recent-file:*' hidden all
  zle -C most-recent-file menu-complete _generic
  bindkey '^X.' most-recent-file

This is different from what you asked for in that you have to type a "*" at
the start yourself if you want to match a substring.

I had a look at writing a completion function that did exactly what you
wanted; must of it is simple but I got hopelessly stuck trying to persuade
the completion system not to sort the matches (the equivalent of the
file-sort style above).  That ought to be fixable.

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