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Re: Help on filename generation

Joel J. Adamson wrote:
> function doit() {
>    for file in $1/*(generic)*~*(~)
>    print $file
>    exit
> }
> Currently I get "doit:1: unknown file attribute."   When I enter this
> globbing pattern at the interactive prompt, I get the files I want.

The pattern should be:


The parentheses around the final tilde were confusing it.

You don't need the backslash near the end as a final ~ is a special
case, but it makes it more obvious.

It doesn't matter in this case, but as it happens the pattern after the
first "~" is matching against the entire string, including the
directory.  In other words, for everything that matches $1/*generic* it
sees if that entire string matches *\~ and if so rejects it.  That would
become important if you wanted to match some earlier component in the
final part of the path.

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