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Re: Quantifier ( braces in regexp )

On Mon, 23 Jul 2007 09:31:17 +0200
antho.charles@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> I search through the doc and I can't find a way to use quantifier in
> expression like [0-9]{2,3} in standard regexp. Is there only * (#), + (##)
> and ? (|) implemented?

You can use <-> syntax to get some of the way.  It falls down if you need
to be strict about leading zeroes, however: if you really insist that
00 matches and 0 doesn't it won't help you.  I suppose I could extend it so
that <00-999> matched a two- or three-digit number (making leading zeroes
significant for the comparison on the left), but that doesn't fix the
general problem.

I will have a look at how difficult quantifiers are, but the syntax will be
different since braces are already used:  probably something like an
extended globbing flag (#c2,3).

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