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RE: Very useful !#^

I'm a bit confused (well, perhaps more than a bit  :)  ).

What does !^<tab> expand to.  Is it the first argument of the preceding
command?  What does the # do?

Thanks in advance,

Seth Kurtzberg
Software Engineer
Specializing in Security, Reliability, and the Hardware/Software Interface

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zzapper <david@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Hi
> cos I keep forgetting this myself
>> cp verylongfilename.tex   backup_!#^<tab>
> expands to
>> cp verylongfilename.tex backup_verylongfilename.tex

Oh, excellent. I've been wondering for ages if there's such a thing and
never got around to hunting it.

A related joy: !$ tab-expands to last word of previous line. Notably this
has a corresponding keypress, M-. or M-_  Is there a key for !#^ as well?


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