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Re: zsh-lovers

In the last episode (Aug 05), Stephane Chazelas said:
> On Sat, Aug 04, 2007 at 11:51:15PM -0600, fREW wrote:
> [...]
> > You all may have already seen this, but (at least in Ubuntu) there
> > is a package called zsh-lovers that is a manpage of zsh examples. 
> > It's more convenient for looking up that one syntax that you tend
> > to forget than trying to search zshall or figuring out which zsh
> > manfile it's actually in.
> [...]
> I've not used man for zsh since 3.0. man is not suitable for a manual
> that size, to my mind. Have you tried "info"? Try typing "i" withing
> "info zsh", then the start of something you want to know about, then
> <Tab>. You may want to learn about the "g", "m", "s" keys then :)

I can't stand info; I use "man zshall" and do my searching in less.
It's so easy to zip through matches with "n" and "N", as opposed to
info where you have to hit "s <enter>" to go forward, and if you
overshoot there's no way to back up to the previous match.

	Dan Nelson

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