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Re: pretty easy thing but too hard for me! (random array element)

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To: "fREW" <frioux@xxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Sunday, August 05, 2007 10:25 PM
Subject: Re: pretty easy thing but too hard for me! (random array element)

fREW wrote:
Is there anyway we
can get the owner of this list to change whatever setting this is?  On
other lists I don't have this problem.

If there is, can we also have "zsh" or some tag added to the subject line
to help with sorting?

Also for some reason I don't know, several of fREW's responses got spamblocked by my external 3rd party spam filter service mxlogic. The messages looked ok to me and devoid of things that ususally look like spam, possibly the gmail from address? but that would be ridiculous to be blocking all of gmail, plus many of his messages do come through fine. I probably missed several messages before I noticed one recently by chance.

As far as the default reply... well I think I'm gonna have to side with the list admin's choice on that. It _is_ slightly inconvenient for me too, but, people are ignorant and if the default reply was to the list, then the list would get slammed with idiotic huge messages full of attachments and graphics etc.. Thats really a gross problem for the machine actually hosting the list and doesn't help all the other mail servers delivering the messages either. I'm on other lists, perfectly techy just like this, where you'd think the population would all be clueful and respectful and understanding.. .wrong. there are several guys on them who just refuse to accept what everyone screams at them about their huge html letterhead/template plus 3 large image attachements in their signature as part of every message, and then on top of that they post _huge_ screen shot images to relay about one sentence of error message they saw on a screen. _A TEXT SCREEN_ by the way, totally cut & pasteable terminal emulator! Multiply that times the number of list recipients.. Even if someone can't understand, hey, some things just plain not everyone gets, you'd think he would at least just do what everyone asks simply because they (everyone, overwhelming majority of users plus owner and helper admin) ask, especially since they are all giving him free help (the help only goes one way in this case, he (both proverbial and specific) never has help to offer). So, the default reply-to helps a _little_ with that. You have to go out of your way to reply to the list, but it also means you have to go out of your way to abuse the list. I don't now how much it helps and if it's really beneficial enough to be worth everyones inconvenience, but at least I understand why it is and can't really argue with it.

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