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Re: zsh-lovers

"Seth Kurtzberg" <seth@xxxxxxx> writes:

> Info _is_ emacs.

Nah, I don't think so. 

$ info info

gives the following piece of information :

>    There are two primary Info readers: `info', a stand-alone program
> designed just to read Info files, and the `info' package in GNU Emacs,
> a general-purpose editor.

The stand-alone info reader is in the package texinfo (at least, on
Gentoo). In the package, the README file for info(1) has the following
snippet :

> Info 2.0 is substantially different from its original standalone
> predecessor.  It appears almost identical to the GNU Emacs version,
> but has the advantages of smaller size, ease of portability, and a
> built in library which can be used in other programs (to get or
> display documentation from Info files, for example).

So it is *not* Emacs, but try to be consistent with its user interface.
Moreover, if you grep(1) `Emacs' in the code source of info, there's only
the index tables that contains an EMACS_TAG and some reference to the

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