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Re: $PAGER, man vs info - was: Re: zsh-lovers

On Wed, 8 Aug 2007, Paul Lew wrote:

   Atom>> export PAGER=most

In what respect? I have not used 'most' since VMS days, and I just tried the latest 4.10.2 and it still does not have search highlight which I depend on.

it's GPL... you can fix that ;)

on top of ~my~ list of why it's so great is that text searches are case insensitive by default; and it's very highly configurable with a ~/.mostrc file. you can configure it so the <HOME> and <END> buttons do something intuitive.

on top of ~my~ list of bugs are the missing search highlight, as you mention; that searching hangs on bold text (have to hit the "n" key twice to move from bold text); and the percentage meter seems flaky on large amounts of data.


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