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fg jobs info

hypothetical example....

% jobs
[1]    suspended  sleep 30
[2]    suspended  sleep 31
[3]    suspended  sleep 32
[4]    suspended  sleep 33
[5]  - suspended  sleep 34
[6]  + suspended  sleep 35

now, if i run 'fg' or 'fg %n', how can i make the command name (sleep xx) available to the shell?

why i want this: i've tweaked my ~/.zshrc file to fill in the tabs of mrxvt (and the windowlist in screen) with the current command name (and some other goodies, i'll post the rc file if there's interest). ie; i can quickly find the 'emacs somefile' tab (or screen) because the tab (or screen) says "emacs somefile". cool. but if i suspend the command, then bring it back with 'fg', the tab (or screen) now says "fg". not cool.

there are some hacks to get around this, but they're not pretty. i'm not sure if this can be done elegantly, without requesting a new feature that puts the ~real~ foreground command into an environment var, and/or a 4th argument to preexec.

unless there's a way to simulate the fg command (ie; a "-n" dry run argument) i think the best way to handle this (ideally) would be a 4th argument to preexec that contains what fg is bringing to the foreground.

any other thoughts?



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