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Re: bindkey and 8 bit characters

"Carl Johnson" wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm trying to get zsh to understand meta characters so that i can do stuff =
> like ...
> bindkey -s '\M-v' 'vi *.{h,cpp}\n'
> I know that X is getting the event because i can map meta-key plus up-arrow
> to scroll up a line in an xterm, and i know zsh can display meta
> characters because...
> print '\M-v'
> prints what i expect...

It's still possible, even given what you've tried, that xterm isn't
sending the sequence you expect to the terminal.  What happens if you type
"read<Enter>" and then Meta-v, does anything show up on the terminal?
If not, xterm is probably still unconvinced about what to do with it.
If it does, you should be able to bind it, although it might not be an
ASCII v with the 8th bit set as you'd expect.

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