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Re: Expanding a global alias

zzapper wrote:
> "Mikael Magnusson" <mikachu@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in 
> news:237967ef0709161214j43bae920j297feb782a5ee678@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx:
> > If you press ^Xa it should expand to the *(.om[1]) which you can then
> > tab expand. (that's ctrl-x a, not ctrl-x ctrl-a, if that happens to
> > not be a default binding it's _expand_alias).
> A lot of these control commands eg ^Xa are inoperative for me.
> Is that because:
> a) I need to enable them?
> b) I have vi compatible line editing set
> c) I'm on cygwin
> d) It was O.J.Simpson

A combination of a), b) and d).  You've turned on vi mode and the way
you currently have things initialised you would need to add them by
hand; but if you hadn't been so busy worrying about O.J. Simpson, you
might have noticed that if you set vi mode before running compinit the
bindings will be there.  In other words,

bindkey -v
autoload -U compinit

ought to make keys of that sort work.

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