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Re: old or new style completion?

On Sat, 29 Sep 2007, Clint Adams wrote:

2) whether i declare "cpv" as an alias or a function, the completion system "interprets it" as the command is rsync, not cpv. if there's no way around that it seems like a problem with the completion system... no?

You are incorrect.  Try cpv() { rsync "$@" }

You will not get rsync completion unless you do a "compdef _rsync cpv". You could demand cp-like completion instead with "compdef _cp cpv", though that would not be useful. If you are witnessing different results, perhaps you still have your alias set.

yeah, i still had the alias defined; now it works fine as a function. since cpv is rsync, but neutered to the point of only copying to/from the local system i wouldn't want "compdef _rsync cpv", and i'm not even sure i need "compdef _cp cpv", since the default of auto-completing directories and files seems to work fine.


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