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Re: PS1='%?'

very cool... thanks!

i like that better than messing around with zle.

On Sat, 29 Sep 2007, Matthew Wozniski wrote:

Here's (a very watered down version of) how I do that:

# Set up RPS1 to display $psvar[3], rather than $?

# When executing a command, set a flag saying that we want $? shown
function preexec {

# Before drawing the prompt, set $psvar[3] to be "[$?]" or "",
# depending on whether the flag to show it is set and the return was
# non-zero.  Then, reset the flag, so the next time precmd runs the
# exit status won't be show.
function precmd {
 local exitstatus=$?  # Need a local, since other cmds change $?

 if [[ "$exitstatus" -gt 0 && "$shownexterr" -gt 0 ]]; then


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