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Re: nohup dies


first of all, thanks for your attention.

I am sure screen would work. As you say, I am trying to do it "my
way". I should indeed try without my long zshrc. By the way, I tried
both: with only nohup in front of the cat and with it before and after
the pipe. The result is the same. Zsh prints "you have jobs running"
or something similar; if I type "exit" again then the terminal
actually freezes and when I log it later the simulation is not there

> - If you do this in an interactive shell and exit, zsh prints
>   "zsh: warning: 1 jobs SIGHUPed"?

 "zsh: you have jobs running"

> - This still happens if you do "setopt nohup" on the command line
>   before exiting?

didn't try that one... but I tried before launching the simulation.
Doesn't it suffice?

> If both are the case, then something is very strange.

Let me try to wipe out my zshrc file and see what happens...


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