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Re: zsh configure fails to notice curses missing headers

On Mon, 1 Oct 2007 09:44:08 -0700 (PDT)
Daniel Qarras <dqarras@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> when compiling zsh from CVS on a Linux system without ncurses-devel
> installed configure proceeds all ok but compilations fails with the
> error below. After installing ncurses-devel and doing configure && make
> compilation finished ok. Shouldn't configure catch this?

configure checks for libraries and will see where the termcap/curses stuff
can be found, but won't actually exit if it can't find it.

I would actually like to see this part of configure improved:  there are
various hard-wired search orders for libraries controlled partly by
--with-curses-terminfo and partly by system-specific tests.  However,
--with-curses-terminfo is now basically useless and it would be better to
turn it into a more general argument that gives a library search list.

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